Our Point of View

Yard Management - Often overlooked, rarely publicized and seldom elevated within a company's logistics organization. It is a passion of ours at MAHARRIS. So much so, that the management of the yard and the physical transportation of customer goods between the yard and docks and the short distance shuttles between locations is the only transportation that we do.

It is our obsession because it is the last transportation move on the inbound side and sets the pace for the outbound. It is critical and it deserves to have subject matter experts just like any discipline within supply chain logistics because it can contribute or detract from a company's performance depending on how it is managed. We have experience in managing yard operations and in finding ways to drive efficiencies and create real and documented savings for customers. And the way to do that is to build on three fundamental and key ingredients: Sound Data Analysis, The Right Operations Management, and Metrics and Processes. In our experience, this approach coupled with customer collaboration produces cost-efficient, well-run operations.