Today, many companies are still attempting to understand the many cultural and programmatic issues associated with diversity. Some organizations appear to be content to do nothing; perhaps believing that matters pertaining to diversity will simply dissipate or somehow resolve themselves. This is not a philosophy shared by The MAHARRIS Group.

The Executive Team of The MAHARRIS Group considers employee diversity as the bridge between our company and the marketplace we serve. In order to successfully cross that bridge, a strategic approach is paramount. Simply having diversity in our work force is not sufficient; we must create an inclusive environment where people have the ability to maximize their potential. To that end, our Diversity Strategy is to:

  • Contribute to a better tomorrow by providing opportunities for diversity to flourish
  • Leverage the differences of people so as to appeal to a broader customer base
  • Recruit and retain qualified individuals who manifest cutting-edge intelligence
  • Provide an inclusive and progressive workplace where employees are appreciated
  • Position ourselves as value added to other companies with diversity objectives
  • Create sustainability of our diversity initiatives by quantified metrics

We recognize our diversity strategy to be ambitious, which is why it required ownership support during the embryotic stage. In order to be successful, we understand the important role that executive leadership plays at the apex of the organizational infrastructure that will drive these initiatives. Additionally, much time was allocated to the creation of this strategy to ensure it was congruent with the core values of our organization. By aligning our diversity goals with those of the company, it increases the likelihood that appreciation for diversity will continue to be integrated throughout the culture of our entire organization.