The MAHARRIS Solutions Models

One of the things that we do at MAHARRIS is build models. We like models because they give us the ability to be iterative and fine-tune our solutions. These tools can also form the basis for a new thought and a new direction for an operation. So, since we revere thinking and the executional changes that can come from these exercises, we have constructed simplified models of two of our favorite tools: estimating yard costs and the value of productivity gains. We hope that you will take some time and use these models. We built them for you. And when your work is complete, we hope you will cast your vote and let us know what you think of these tools and how we can improve them. And most of all, we hope you will call us and start a dialogue. Let us "MAHARRISIZE" your operation and experience superior service with a lower cost of ownership.

Getting Started

To use the models, you will need the data listed below. The mandatory information must be supplied by you for the model to work. Optional fields have been populated with average values that can be adjusted to fit your operation and marketplace if needed. Because terminology and defintions can vary, we have supplied data defintions for each of the fields below so that you are clear about the information that is needed. These defintions are also repeated in the models themselves.

Mandatory Fields TMG FastQuote TMG GainSaver
Total Number of Full Time Drivers Across All Shifts
Total Number of Front-line Yard Tractors Required  
Total Number of Back-up Yard Tractors Needed  
Total Number of Shifts
Total Number of Site Managers/Supervisors Needed  
Total Number of Weeks Worked Per Year
Average Move Time for One Way Moves in Minutes  
Total Annual Moves (1 Way)  
Optional Fields TMG FastQuote TMG GainSaver
Average Driver Hourly Wage Rate
Fuel Cost Per Gallon  
Fuel Consumption (Gallons Per Hour)