With approximately 2000 transportation providers closing their doors in 2009 and an equivalent number slated for 2010, The MAHARRIS Group defied conventional wisdom and opened its doors for business. We did it because we believe we have something unique to offer the marketplace. We call it a 360° service. We consider the Yard Management process to be bigger than switching, shuttling, and managing the yard. It also includes RFQ/RFP development, network-wide metric development, site level satisfaction research and at the back end, a desire to give back in the communities in which we work by donating a portion of our profits. That’s MAHARRIS. We stand ready to work with you in whatever capacity makes sense for you. Whether it is working with you in the development and research areas or being your provider of choice for switching and shuttling, we think our experiences have taught us a great deal about what makes a great yard management provider. We single-mindedly focus on this supply chain niche and no other.