Safety: Strategy

The MAHARRIS Group believes that Safety is a prerequisite for responsible business. Therefore, it is a function that initiates from our corporate structure and is then interwoven throughout our entire company. We owe it to our employees, customers, vendors and the general public to maintain a safe environment at all times, and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our commitment to Safety is reflected in the comprehensive development of what we refer to as our Safety Management System (SMS). This system is designed to help us achieve our below stated strategy:

  • To increase employee awareness
  • To reduce frequency & severity of incidents
  • To promote safer environments
  • To enhance profitability

To accomplish these objectives, our multifaceted SMS is comprised of six major components which allow us to move beyond implementation to execution with predetermined measurements for success.

The Six SMS Components are:

TRAINING is the cornerstone of an effective Safety program
OBSERVATIONS are important to keep the program alive
REINFORCEMENT is essential to achieve desired results
INCENTIVES are the best way to obtain employee engagement
CONSEQUENCES are necessary to validate the program
MEASUREMENTS allow us to gauge the program's effectiveness