The core of Diversity Management has this premise: "I'm not different than you, I'm different like you." By managing employees under this concept, we are able to understand their individual strengths which can empower them to become propelled beyond excellence.

While diversity pursuits are not only a management responsibility, it certainly starts there. At The MAHARRIS Group, we firmly believe the adage, "What gets measured gets done." As such, we have implemented various metrics to assist us in measuring the success of our diversity goals. We have included in the job description for all management positions diversity objectives so as to create a system of accountability. Our management personnel are charged with ensuring those reporting to them behave in ways consistent with our company’s diversity strategy. The managers will play an integral role in identifying key employees that will provide feedback reflective of a broad spectrum. The timely gathering and communicating of this data to executive management is critical as we promulgate policies and procedures that are more indicative of an inclusive and supportive work atmosphere.