Good leaders are separated from extraordinary ones when their keen visionary capabilities enable them to recognize the value achieved by inspiring others to reach new heights. Some organizations may not choose to focus much on the development of diversity initiatives as they rarely yield instant gratification. At The MAHARRIS Group we pride ourselves in being forward thinking and constantly approach new situations strategically so as to be prepared to fully embrace opportunities that may be beyond the horizon.

Our commitment to diversity is spearheaded by our Founder & CEO, Mattie Harris who is a true visionary of our time. Mattie is an avid proponent of equality and constantly defies the odds by her unflinching determination to not become part of the status quo. When presented the opportunity to start her own business, rather than to deliberate within herself to ascertain the type of business that may fall within her comfort zone, she decided to examine which industries were not headed up well by African American Females and anchored herself within the confines of the Transportation industry.

While Mattie as CEO sits at the pinnacle of our diversity infrastructure, she recognizes the importance of engaging other team members among her Executive Leadership Staff. Each of her Directors is tasked with ensuring the company’s Diversity policies are cascading throughout the organization.

Michael Hord serves as the company’s Director of Policy, Procedure & Administration. He is tasked with the penmanship of the company’s documented policies, including those on diversity. Michael primarily serves in a liaison capacity among his counterparts and ensures the company’s practices are consistent with market trends and satisfies legal requirements. Additionally, Michael oversees the methods used to communicate policies corporately as well as organizationally and revises both the policies and those modes of communication when necessary.

Barry Jackson is the Director of Operations for the organization. In this role, he oversees the girth of the company’s employees. Much of the recruiting performed will ultimately be to fill positions that fall under his auspices. Further, Barry remains interested to see how well our diversity initiatives are benefiting the overall workforce. Barry will work hand-in-hand with Michael Hord to ensure the company’s diversity initiatives are communicated and effective.

Debbie Hess works diligently as the company’s Director of Research & Development. From a marketing perspective, Debbie ensures the leadership team is apprised of other companies who may likewise be pursuant of diversity objectives. Often this research leads to opportunities for business alliances to be forged. In many cases, there are financial benefits that can be achieved which Debbie explores along with our company’s Chief Financial Officer to see if and how these incentives can be presented to those selected to become part of our customer portfolio.

Collectively, our leadership motto always encompasses where we want to go, how we plan to get there and why anyone should want to follow us.