TMG FastQuote

One of the most critical models that we have is our operational cost model. TMG FastQuote is a very simplified version of the model that we use internally when we are costing a customer operation particularly in an RFQ (Request For Quotation) environment. While we believe that being low cost is much more than an absolute price at one point in time, we don't want to minimize its importance. Many times, customers just want a "ball park" estimate of what their costs could be if they decided to transition from their own internal operations to an external provider. So, in line with that thinking we thought we would give you a place to "play" with your requirements and see what the results are as you enter your driver count, the amount of equipment that you require and the amount of dedicated site supervision that is needed.

How it Works

TMG FastQuote is a parameter-driven model that requires only six (6) pieces of mandatory information from you. This includes items such as driver counts, equipment counts, supervision counts and weeks of operation. In addition, we have included driver hourly wage rate, diesel fuel consumption rate and the cost per gallon of diesel fuel as optional fields that you can adjust to reflect your marketplace conditions. We have supplied average numbers as a starting point. The data entry fields are color coded as follows: gray for mandatory fields and orange for the optional fields. White fields are fields that are protected and calculated by the model. Once you enter your information, TMG FastQuote will return an annual estimate of operations cost and a cost per hour. As you change your parameters, TMG FastQuote results will re-calculate to reflect the new information. To make sure that we are "on the same page", we have included field definitions that will pop up as you click on the individual fields. And just in case your fingers aren't cooperating with what you MEANT to type, we've included a few "helpful hints" if you enter something that doesn't fit the model.

Note #1

While similar, TMG FastQuote is a model for estimating a pure switching operation not a shuttle operation. If shuttle is your concern, give us a call and we will work with you to develop an estimate.

Note #2

Any fields in white are protected fields that have been calculated by TMG FastQuote in the Results Section. The way to change those numbers is to change the parameters that drive them. As an example. Let's say that you don't like the calculated number for fuel costs. Fuel cost is a function of the cost per gallon of diesel fuel, the fuel consumption rate and the number of annual hours of operation (which in turn is determined by driver count and weeks of operation). If you change any or all of those numbers, then you will see the fuel estimate change in the Results section.

What's In The Results?

TMG FastQuote results are only an estimate based on the numbers that you have provided and the cost averages that we have estimated. And as a result, TMG FastQuote will probably vary from the results that we would submit in a formal RFQ. However, for a simple estimate of costs, we think the model works well. In addition, we want you to understand what cost components went into this estimate. They are listed below. Additionally, we make an assumption of NEW frontline equipment in our estimates.

  • Driver Wages
  • Driver Taxes
  • Driver Healthcare
  • Driver Retirement
  • Driver Workers Compensation
  • Driver Paid Time Off
  • Yard Tractor Leasing Costs
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Tire Costs
  • Site Management (Fully Burdened)
  • Payroll Administrative Costs
  • Uniform Costs
  • Site Level Cell Phone Re-imbursement
  • Operating and Office Supplies
  • MAHARRIS Operating Margin